We’re right at home caring for our Recipients

Caring for our recipients is important to My Care Alabama. More than simply sending nurses on home visits, our experienced, licensed Care Coordinators work with patients to help meet their needs outside of health care alone. We follow up with members to make sure they’re making appointments and taking their medicine, and we give them community contacts to help with other needs in their lives such as food and housing.

We service over 300,000 Medicaid recipients, including those that:
– are pregnant or thinking about becoming pregnant
– need birth control or other family planning options
– need assistance as they transition from inpatient to outpatient care
– have chronic conditions, including behavioral health or substance use disorder

Chronic conditions may include: Asthma, Diabetes, Cancer, COPD, HIV, Mental Health Conditions, Substance use disorders, Transplants, Sickle Cell, BMI over 25, Heart Disease and Hepatitis C

If you have or are at risk of having any of these chronic conditions and you are a Medicaid recipient, contact us to see if ACHN services can benefit you.

Call & Get Started

My Care Alabama Northwest
Recipient Help Line: 855-200-9471
Provider Help Line: 855-500-9470

My Care Alabama Central
Recipient Help Line: 855-288-8360
Provider Help Line: 855-288-8361

My Care Alabama East
Recipient Help Line: 855-288-8364
Provider Help Line: 855-288-8366

If you do not know which region is the right one for your county, click here for the list.