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Do you have more questions about the ACHN Program?

Please see Medicaid Agency’s FAQs.

For any contract questions or to join the My Care Alabama Provider Network?

Please email us at:, or call us: if you are in the Northwest Region, please call our Provider Help Line: 855-500-9470; if you are in the Central Region, please call our Provider Help Line: 855-288-8361; or if you are in the East Region, please call our Provider Help Line: 855-288-8366.

How does this affect me as a Delivering Health Care Professional?
  • Claims for maternity services will be reimbursed FFS directly by Medicaid
  • DHCPs will have the opportunity to receive two bonus payments in addition to your FFS payment:
    • A bonus payment for an initial prenatal visit made in the first trimester
    • A bonus payment for a postpartum visit (if provided 21-56 days postpartum)
  • If you are an actively Participating DHCP Medicaid will pay $100.00 for each bonus payment and the following procedure codes must be submitted on a separate claim:
    • Initial Prenatal Visit – H1000 (made during the first trimester)
    • Postpartum visit – G9357 (between 21 and 56 days of delivery)
Will I still be assigned a doctor?

No. As part of the ACHN program, you can choose to go to any Primary Care doctor or OBGYN that accepts Medicaid. You will work with your Care Coordinator to pick the best doctor for you.

Will my Medicaid Card change?

No. You will still use the ID card provided by Medicaid when you go to the doctor.

How many doctor visits do I have each year?

The Agency will continue to limit doctor visits to 14 annually for adults.

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How do I find my Care Coordinator’s phone number?
  1. Go to your regional page
  2. Scroll down and click on the “Recipient Documents” link
  3. Click on the “Regional Care Coordinators” document. A pdf document that includes your Care Coordinators number will pop up.